Study shows: If women behave like this at work, they are more successful

Too shy, too sensitive, not assertive - character traits classified as typically female are considered a hurdle in the job. A study now claims to have found out how women really have to behave in order to have professional success. And so much can be revealed: The result is not good news.

The so-called confidence gap states that women who behave "typically female" have difficulties at work. In concrete terms, this means that women allegedly earn less because they are reluctant to negotiate salaries. Because of their shyness, they wouldn't have what it takes to be a manager. And they are too sensitive to deal with stress and criticism.

A study by Laura Guillén, professor of organizational behavior at the European School of Management and Technology Berlin, refutes the confidence gap. She and two other researchers interviewed successful employees of a male-dominated technology company.
"Although men who were seen as self-confident were more likely to get ahead, our research showed that women did not. Instead, they were judged by their warmth or how caring and social they seemed, "says Guillén.

Women have a harder time - again

Good news because sensitive and shy women no longer have to pretend? Unfortunately not. "To move forward, women have to take care of others while their male colleagues concentrate on their own goals," explains the researcher. In addition, women who have a dominant character then have to pretend. They should dutifully fulfill the prejudice that women are insecure, sensitive and caring.
"To counteract this, HR departments should ensure that women and men are judged according to the same criteria in the hiring process and when selecting for promotions," advises Guillén. This is the only way to ensure equality for women and men in everyday working life.

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