Stripping the chair to reveal the natural wood texture

When stripping, a chair is coated with a caustic lye that removes old paint and varnish residues. This not very healthy method of processing is especially necessary if an old coating is to be removed without leaving any residue in order to expose the natural wood texture again. If you plan to repaint, you should avoid staining.

Identify needs and alternatives

Stripping or leaching is a relatively aggressive way of removing paint residues from painted and varnished wood. The wood itself can withstand the stain and leaching and may react by darkening the natural surface color. For this reason, stain is also used to darken naturally existing surfaces.

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In general, pickling should only be used if no other processing method is possible. Apart from the health effects on the processor, there is always toxic and hazardous waste that must be disposed of properly. If the use cannot be avoided and a subsequent repainting is planned, partial "staining " may also be sufficient. Sanding and sanding is always preferable to stripping.

How to stain a chair

  • stain
  • Abrasives (paper with 200 crowns)
  • Alkali and acid-resistant rubber gloves
  • Eye and respiratory protection
  • Apron or protective clothing
  • Alkali and acid-proof tarpaulin
  • Brush with plastic bristles
  • spatula
  • sponge
  • Disposal container

1. workplace

Choose your place of work outdoors or at least in a very well ventilated room. Lay out alkali and acid-proof tarpaulin so that splashes of the paint stripper (€ 28.44 at Amazon *) cannot hit open areas.

2. Follow instructions for use

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the stain or paint stripper exactly. Some products develop a risk of explosion if incorrectly mixed.

3. Apply stain

Spread the stain evenly on the sanded surfaces and let the application take effect until bubbles appear in the old paint. When restoring very old paintwork, you have to repeat this procedure several times.

4th. Remove old paint

Scrape off the loosened paint residue with the spatula. "Brush " or wipe with a damp sponge. Collect all removed paint residues in a disposal container that you later dispose of as hazardous waste.

Tips & Tricks Stripped wood has the side effect of making it more resistant to pests such as insects. Therefore, you can make outdoor wooden chairs more durable with stain.