Supermodel Adriana Lima: She reveals her slim secret

'Victoria's Secret ' angel Adriana Lima has dream curves. The sexy Brazilian has now revealed how she keeps her body in such good shape.

Trained and still female - Adriana Lima really has a dream body. How she does it? It's simple: Adriana gets into the boxing ring to keep herself fit.
The Brazilian model who worked with fitness trainer Michael Olajide Jr. trained, finds the sport physically and mentally stimulating. "I've boxed for a very long time - over ten years," she says in an interview. "I came to New York and met Michael. We started training and it became my passion. I'm very energetic, so boxing is just right for me."
Lima reports on the advantages of boxing: "I love challenges and strength and also like to exercise my mind. It takes a lot of focus, it's very spiritual."And by the way, she also boxes her dreamlike body, because boxing is a perfect whole-body workout. It trains both the muscles and the stamina.
The brunette beauty has wanted to box since she was a child, having first peeked at the infamous red gloves. "I heard about boxing for the first time when I was nine years old, " she reveals, ' '. "My mother's friend was a boxer, and I remember she once brought her gloves. So I thought 'Wow, they look really cool' and I decided to try it out one day."

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