Beautify doors without having to paint them

Old doors often no longer correspond to the modern and contemporary taste. Since painting is not easily possible, especially in rental items, other ways of embellishing are required. In addition to sticking with foils, there are also some design options that do not leave any permanent marks on the door.

Foils and tattoos

The most obvious and easiest solution to beautify an old door without painting is adhesive film. What is important is the quality of the adhesive layer, which not only has to provide permanent hold, but can also be removed later without leaving any residue. Special manufacturers have further developed the previously unreliable films. Today almost all colors, motifs and shapes are available that can easily be removed even after a long period of time. High-quality foils cost from around eighty euros per door side. Foils printed with your own motifs expand the scope for design and creativity.

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Fabrics and textiles

Woven fabrics and plaited mats make an attractive curtain for covering ugly doors. Thin fabrics can be cut to size. They can be attached to the door rebates. Depending on space and joint width, the following types of fastening are possible:

  • Double-sided tape
  • Thumbtacks
  • Wood glue (6.49 € at Amazon *)
  • General purpose adhesive

Hooks such as are known as door coat hooks are also possible. They are made from very thin sheet metal or they can be individually bent. This creates hanging options for different claddings inserted in the upper fold. Bast and rattan braids, for example, are popular. Mirrors and blackboards can also create attractive panels. During assembly, it must be ensured that rigid curtain components do not vibrate when the door is moved. Damping felt or cork washers, such as those offered for furniture feet in stores, are a practical aid. They are glued to the back of the panel.

Attach the second door to the frame

In some cases it is possible to add a second door. It is attached to the frame or the frame. This can also increase the sound insulation of the door. Hanging up a curtain works in a similar way. Heavy fabrics such as brocade or felt products from the catering and theater trade cover the door and swallow sound.

Tips & Tricks You can attach different claddings to door leaves with double-sided adhesive tape. But do not choose the goods that are offered, for example, for fixing floor coverings. These tapes are designed for durability rather than peelability. Inquire about silicone adhesive coatings.