Wallpaper or plaster - which is better?

Anyone who sees how easily wallpaper can be damaged, be it by four or two-legged roommates, is looking for a new wall decoration when renovating. That is why many are now considering putting plaster on the wall instead of wallpaper.

Create cosiness with the wall design

Even if a textured plaster is so easy to care for and can also look cozy thanks to special colors, it is always a bit cold. Wallpaper, on the other hand, is not as permanent and is easily damaged. But they basically have a warmer touch.

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Application of wallpaper or plaster

Sticking sample wallpaper on the wall is often not easy, especially for a beginner. But it is still child's play against applying an artificial plaster. It usually takes a while to get the hang of how the plaster actually stays on the wall.

Flexibility in wall design

When making a decision, one should definitely consider the flexibility. As tedious as it is to apply the structural plaster to a wall, it is still a breeze compared to removing the same plaster.

If you don't like the textured plaster after a few years, you can't simply wallpaper it over, but must first smooth it off or knock it off completely.

Prepare the subsurface

While the substrate for wallpaper is quite undemanding, it must be particularly stable and robust for plaster. Under no circumstances can the structural plaster be applied to old wallpaper. The wall must be even and level.

Advantages of wallpaper over plaster

  • Flexible
  • Easier to apply
  • Easier to remove
  • Usually cheaper
Tips & Tricks If you are considering textured plaster, you should either start with a wall or get a large sheet of plywood that is only a few inches smaller than the wall itself and decorate it with the plaster you want.

The plate is then simply hung on the wall and can be removed again at any time.

The second advantage of this method is the shadow gap, which can be illuminated in all colors with LED strips from the roll. This gives you an even nicer result than if the plaster is applied directly to the wall.