How to replace the broken handle on the freezer box

The handle on the freezer compartment is used particularly often. Here it can lead to material fatigue and the handle breaks off. The defective handle is fast removed and easily screw a replacement handle. Also inexperienced work the repair.

Construction know and procure the spare part

The construction of the freezer door and the handle can be easily conceived or complicated depending on the device model. In the operating instructions of the refrigerator, the structure of the individual device departments should be exactly described. If you are missing information here, ask for the manufacturer. Customer-friendly manufacturers maintain a telephone service hotline or react quickly to inquiries by e-mail.

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Know the construction of the door and the exact type designation for the replacement handle, you can order the original handle directly at the manufacturer. In online trading, all common models are also offered.

Prepare repair

When working on the freezer you first drag the power plug and set the thermostat. Remove all food from the compartment and store them well chilled. You may need to defrost the freezer compartment first. Start with the repair despite ice layers, working after a short time in tillwater pudges. After defrosting, dry off the freezer compartment and provide spare parts and tools.

Tools for replacing the handle

  • Knife or scissors
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Cross screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Spare screws


First dismantle the broken handle. For some models, it is mounted directly with visible screws on the door and easy to remove. For other devices, there is still a cover between the handle and fastening construction that you need to remove.

After removing the defective grip, build the spare part. Remove potential protective films from the handle and place it in the place where you have removed the broken handle. If the new handle is screwed firmly, reset the existing cover.

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