How to replace a broken freezer compartment flap yourself

The door on the freezer compartment consists of several parts that wear out from everyday use and become unusable over time. If the defect occurs after the warranty period has expired, you can repair the flap yourself.

Warranty case or wear and tear

Defects in manufacture or damage during transport of the cooling device can be claimed as part of the supplier's guarantee. The purchase contract regulates the duration of the guarantee period and details of the services covered by it.
In everyday use, the individual elements of the freezer compartment flap are stressed and the bracket or other fastening parts wear out. The closing mechanism of the flap no longer works and the freezer compartment becomes unusable.

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Replace the freezer compartment flap

You can order the replacement of the flap from a specialist. You can get replacement flaps for self-installation in stores. With a little manual skill, you can replace the defective flap yourself.

Brief instructions for replacing the freezer compartment flap

  • Switch off the refrigerator and empty the freezer compartment
  • Open the refrigerator door wide
  • Loosen the pivot pin of the freezer compartment flap
  • Take out the flap
  • Insert a new flap
  • Close the flap and refrigerator door
  • Switch the device on again

Special features of the freezer compartment flap

Before buying the replacement door, make sure it fits your freezer compartment exactly. Disconnect the cooling device from the power supply before starting the repair. Store the frozen food in a cool box or something similar. If the freezer compartment is very icy, you should defrost it before repairing it.

Most freezer doors are attached with two pivot pins. You sit in screwed or poured into plastic hinges. First lift the upper pivot without great pressure from the holder. Then remove the lower pivot. Now you can completely remove the defective flap and insert the new flap.

The right repair way can differ from model to model. Before buying a spare part and installation, can be advised or informed about the customer's service of your device manufacturer.

Tips & Tricks The freezer flap is also referred to as evaporator flap. It has a thermal insulation. If she does not close properly, can satisfy a readjusting of individual screws depending on the device type. It does not always have to be replaced the complete flap. Spare parts are also available individually.