Temptation Island VIP: Giulia Siegel breaks together

At "Temptation Island VIP" Powerfrau Giulia Siegel now stives at her limits. In conversation with Angela finger heirs, she breaks out in tears.

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Video by Aischa Butt

At "Temptation Island VIP " it ran for Giulia Siegel (46) and its partner Ludwig army (39) actually really round. Although both were confronted in the experiment with a lot of temptations, was no trace of jealousy.
In particular, Giulia was always tough and never really cared for her relationship despite the many seducers and flirting their husband. But that will change abruptly.
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New recordings of Ludwig meet at Giulia a nerve. She has to watch how he has fun with the women, celebrates and even talks about sexual preferences.