That 's life! Typical everyday situations that you have probably already experienced!

Somehow it always turns out differently than you think. No matter how many good resolutions you make, how hard you try and encourage yourself - life just does what it wants!

You just have to recognize certain laws in life. It's like chocolate and attraction to women. To be annoyed about it all the time would be wasted energy. In this sense, girls: Don't be annoyed or bury your head in the sand - we all feel the same way.

Here are typical everyday situations and laws that every woman should know. We discovered the funny illustrations in the Maxi - and they speak to us from our hearts. Hand on heart: it sounds so familiar to you?

Small joys when you order your coffee in the morning ...

The big hoof scratching during the week ...

... and other disasters in a woman's everyday life:

© Maxi

When it comes to make-up and hairstyle, things often go wrong. Here are the typical beauty situations that every woman knows!

And of course there is also no styling without chaos and nervous breakdown: Here you can find the fashion breakdowns in pictures!

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