Tips suppliers for prefabricated parquet

In contrast to other parquets, the finished parquet has a ready-to-use surface that has already been applied to the wood by the manufacturer. This eliminates the complete step of sanding and sealing the parquet after laying. Almost all types of parquet are available in finished parquet variants.

Painted or oiled

With a prefabricated parquet, the individual wooden elements such as rods, panels, planks or even cork are already sealed ready for use. Due to the high accuracy of fit of most prefabricated parquet, the formation of joints at the joints of the elements can be neglected, even if they are not as tight as with conventionally sealed parquet.

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If a prefabricated parquet is laid in a dry room, the minimal joint interruptions in the lacquer layer are irrelevant. If the parquet is to be laid in a wet room such as a bathroom or kitchen, a classic subsequent complete sealing after sanding is recommended.

Big differences in quality

The most widely used pre-fab parquet consists of two or more layers. Only the upper wear layer is made of real wood. Their strength determines the essential quality factor of the finished parquet. In the case of wear layers of two to six millimeters, subsequent sanding and resealing is only possible to a limited extent and rarely.

If the prefabricated parquet is made of solid wood, mostly oak, beech or ash, it differs from conventional parquet only in that processing is saved after laying. Both solid and multi-layer products are usually offered in tongue and groove connection technology with or without a click function.

Current offers

Multi-layer prefabricated parquet
Beech ship floor natural 12.99 EUR / sqm
Oiled oak ship floor 18.99 EUR / sqm
Solid finished parquet
Beech ship floor lacquered 14.99 EUR / sqm
Oak single rod oiled 37.90 EUR / sqm

Prefabricated parquet without locking technology

The name of the prefabricated parquet only describes the sealing with varnish or oil that has already been carried out. Most products also have tongue and groove profiles in combination with or without a click function, but there are also pre-fab parquet that is laid in a different way. Edgewise lamella or mosaic parquet, for example, is also offered as prefabricated parquet, but is usually loosely laid pre-assembled on nets.

Tips & Tricks When buying your finished parquet, pay attention to the ecological compatibility and health aspects of the sealants and adhesives used. In the case of underfloor heating in particular, vapors from very inexpensive products can impair health and well-being.