Buy tips for planed roof battens

Roof battens are almost the most important part of the roof - after all, they carry the entire roof covering. It is important not only to pay attention to the quality, but also to the DIN regulations. Here you can find out everything you need to know about roof battens that you buy planed.

Background information

Roof battens can either be made of fresh wood, or technically or naturally dried wood. The residual moisture plays an important role here - woods with a residual moisture content of over 20% must have a corresponding excess, because they will later contract again during drying. These changes in length also have to be taken into account when assembling.

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In the case of technically dried wood, on the other hand, the slats are cut to size. The relevant standard regulations of DIN 4074-1 apply to load-bearing capacity, minimum dimensions and wood quality. The distance between the battens on the rafters, on the other hand, is determined by the covering material.

Current offers

Roof battens
technically dried, 24 x 48 mm 0.54 EUR / running meter
technically dried, 24 x 48 mm EUR 0.42 / m²
Roof battens
raw, untreated 38 x 58 mm 0.79 EUR / running meter
impregnated 38 x 58 mm EUR 0.87 / m²

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

Roof battens are usually bought in bundles - the price per meter therefore usually only refers to an entire bundle, which usually contains 20 linear meters in the timber trade. Orders that differ from this may mean different linear meter prices.

Beware of "Tegernsee customs " If you buy wood from a specialist timber trade or sawmill, you must ensure that the battens that are sold are actually made in accordance with the DIN criteria - in many cases the "Tegernsee" standards that used to apply in the timber trade are still used Usages "decisive, but which deviate accordingly from the DIN.