Tips about the pre-treatment for wallpapering

Many do-it-yourselfers do wallpaper themselves. But without the right pre-treatment, you will not really enjoy the result. Unfortunately, many people ignore priming or pre-pasting. The wallpaper does not hold properly and loses stability.

No good result without pretreatment

The surface treatment of the walls before wallpapering is usually considered unnecessary, as the wallpaper paste holds the wallpaper on the wall. In some cases this may work, in others the wallpaper comes off the wall again.

Most of our walls are made of more or less absorbent mineral material, plaster or concrete. Particularly with plasterboard you have to expect strong suction behavior.

However, when filling in places, the pumping speed varies. The surface dries irregularly and the wallpaper can warp. An unpleasant result.

Pre-pasting solves the problem

What is pre-pasted with?

Pre-pasting is one of the easiest measures to prime a wall before wallpapering. This regulates the suction behavior of the surface and no additional material is required.

Which mixing ratio is right?

The ratio of 1:10 applies as a rule of thumb when wallpapering with woodchip. It is pre-pasted with diluted paste in a ratio of 1:20. Pay attention to the information on the paste packaging.

Stir in like the paste?

Stir in cold water quickly in cold water according to the leaflet. Then stir for about 2 minutes intensively and strike through after a waiting time of about 15 minutes again.

How long let it dry?

Apply the dilute lane with a painterquast evenly. Before sticking the wallpaper, let the wall dry 24 hours.

Preserving does not always help

In addition to the differently sucking surfaces, other measures may be necessary. Often old walls are unstable, sands or leaves. In this case, only a primer helps to stabilize the wall surface. Pigmented primers give the wall a uniform color and stains can not show through later.

Tips & Tricks Please do not use a depth basis (€ 4.81 at Amazon *) instead of a primer or the pre-school. A depth reason also regulates the absorbency of the wall, but simultaneously seals it. A sticking of the wallpaper is thus unemil more difficult.