Tips for Buying Bamboo Parquet

The rapidly renewable raw material bamboo is very well suited to make parquet from it. Durable parquet strips can be produced from the woody trunks, which are suitable for both solid parquet and multi-layer parquet. Find out more about appearance and modern bamboo flooring here.

Two basic colors and lots of textures

The natural bamboo develops in the two basic colors light beige and light brown. Subsequent treatments with oil or varnish can intensify or weaken the colors. The range of color tones can be extended to this type from light yellow to dark brown, whereby industrial processing at high temperatures also leads to darker color variants.

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The bamboo parquet is pressed and different grains and textures develop depending on the direction of the course. In the horizontally pressed version, the plant-typical annual rings appear in the bamboo approximately every twenty centimeters. When pressed vertically, the appearance is more similar to the annual rings of other trees.

Increased moisture requirement and suitable for wet rooms

An important aspect is the moisture requirement of bamboo. When the humidity in the room drops below fifty percent, which can happen quickly in winter-heated rooms, the bamboo works hard. Joint formations and warping are not uncommon in this case.

Its good compatibility with moisture makes parquet made of bamboo the ideal floor covering in the bathroom or in the kitchen. It does not get moldy, is very warm to the feet, "works " less than other wood under appropriate external circumstances. In addition to insufficient humidity, a room temperature of over twenty degrees Celsius should be avoided.

Current offers

Solid parquet bamboo
Fiber bamboo stick, oiled dark 62.12 EUR / sqm
Strip parquet painted dark horizontally 36.71 EUR / sqm
Strip parquet natural horizontal thickness 15 mm 50.27 EUR / sqm
Strip parquet light vertical, thickness 15 mm 54.98 EUR / sqm

Massive is recommended

The price differences between multi-layer and solid parquet for bamboo, which is generally not expensive, are not very large, so choosing a parquet made of solid bamboo is recommended. The thin wear layers of often only four millimeters can be broken through if heavy objects with edges fall down and permanently damage the parquet.

Tips & Tricks Parquet made of bamboo has a much lower percentage of organic components than other trees. Therefore, with adapted external conditions, there is less swelling and shrinking behavior, which is particularly advantageous when laying with underfloor heating.