Tips for buying concrete paving

With a concrete pavement, the intended use plays an important role. If it is to be driven over with vehicles, it needs a completely different stability than a decorative plaster for the garden path. You should weigh up how important which aspect is to you - the two are not mutually exclusive.

Composite pavers place emphasis on function

Composite pavers such as H or double T pavers are among the most stable and durable concrete pavers. They are chosen when the pavement is used by vehicles. As a floor covering in a carport, for example, they only have to develop a minor decorative effect, as they are usually not visible. For concrete pavement used in this way, a decent, but not very expressive concrete pavement is often sufficient. Standard gray plasters for prices from six euros per square meter serve this purpose. Small decorative elements can be achieved by using colored concrete paving stones that are only a few euros more expensive, for example for the path between the carport and the house. The surrounding architecture should also be taken into account and sober concrete pavement fits well, especially in the modern area.

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Decorative through shapes and colors

If the decorative character plays a major role when buying a concrete pavement, you have to weigh up between resilience and appearance. Perhaps the parking area in the carport will also be used as a play area. In this case, pre-machined concrete paving stones can be used. Pavement dressings in rectangular patterns are visually enhanced by the use of rolled, rumpled or polished paving stones without losing any of their stability. Concrete pavement with both visual attractiveness and the necessary load-bearing capacity move in the price range from 15 to 25 euros per square meter. For similar prices you can buy ecological stones with high infiltration values, only the concrete paving made of grass pavers is significantly cheaper with square meter prices of less than ten euros. Before you buy concrete paving, create your own checklist with the points of what it must be able to do and what it cannot.