Tips for buying prefabricated parquet

The selection of prefabricated parquet is vast. The products pre-sealed with varnish or oil are practical and enormously speed up the time it takes to use the new wooden floor. If you consider a few points when buying, you will meet your taste and get quality.

Immediately accessible by swimming

The most common and most widespread form of prefabricated parquet is the laying of floorboards with tongue and groove as a ship floor bond. The individual elements are easy to lay and are available both as solid parquet and with a multilayer structure.

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Almost every wood is produced in the pre-treated form and can be selected in an oiled or lacquered seal. The lacquered pre-finished parquet can be walked on immediately if it is laid floating and after a few hours it can be furnished again. In the case of glued pre-finished parquet, the hardening of the adhesive must be awaited according to the manufacturer's instructions.

If necessary, regrowth and treat edges

According to most manufacturers, oiled prefabricated parquet can also be used immediately after floating installation, but experts recommend applying a layer of wax before using it for the first time.

The edges of the prefabricated parquet are normally not sealed, so that when you buy a separate wood oil for the treatment of the open side edges at the expansion joints towards the walls. In wet rooms, it is advisable to additionally treat the edges with an impregnating agent.

Small parquet patterns such as strip or lamparquet are also available as prefabricated parquet. Here, the already assembled elements are drawn onto a carrier material such as a net or grid and oiled or painted.

Check the delivered finished parquet immediately

Anyone who has prefabricated parquet delivered should immediately check the contents of the pack to identify any defects. With each day of the packaged storage, the risk increases that complaints will be made about incorrect storage, which excludes any guarantee.

Tips & Tricks If possible, you should do an odor test, especially on oiled finished parquet. Some wood oils and, to a lesser extent, parquet varnishes have a clearly perceptible odor of their own which, if they are not liked, can seriously impair the quality of living.