Tips for buying hollow blocks

Hollow blocks are now widespread and often used masonry blocks, as they often also have excellent thermal insulation properties. But that also depends on the material they are made of - just like the price and the ancillary costs. Read more here.

The choice of material influences the price

Depending on whether you buy hollow blocks made of concrete, lightweight concrete, classic clay bricks or sand-lime bricks, the prices are often significantly different - as are the properties, especially with regard to thermal insulation.

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For your construction project, however, it is not just the pure stone costs that are decisive - it also depends on the costs of the mortar (€ 7.79 at Amazon *), which can be very different, depending on the type of stone you are using - and on the amount of thermal insulation required. This, too, is often significantly different for the individual types of stone.

Prices of selected providers (as of 2013)

Hollow blocks concrete
MEIER M10 thermal insulation block, concrete; 247 x 490 x 240 mm, DF 16 meier concrete 3.90 EUR / piece ex works
MEIER M10 thermal insulation block, concrete; 247 x 300 x 240 mm, DF 16 meier concrete 2.55 EUR / piece ex works
Hollow blocks other material
Hollow block GERO 11.76 EUR / 100 pcs.
Hollow block GERO 15 x 30 x 10 cm 3.36 EUR / 25 pcs.

What to look for when buying

When buying hollow blocks, always pay attention to the corresponding standardization - not only the formats, as DF format, are standardized, but also the stone qualities in terms of compressive strength, thermal conductivity and the accuracy of the execution. During construction and in a building plan, precisely defined stone formats are usually prescribed, and these must also be strictly adhered to. So pay attention to all standards when buying.

Tips & Tricks When buying several pallets, many building materials dealers also offer graduated prices - always compare the offers from different dealers here, always take the delivery costs into account, large savings are often possible here, as the delivery conditions of the individual dealers are sometimes very different.