Tips for buying slate panels

Slate panels are still a popular material both for roofing and for protecting the facade; as a natural material, they also have very special qualities. You can read here what is important when buying slate sheets.

Slate - durability for centuries

Slate has been used for an incredibly long time - and also has a shelf life that can extend over many centuries. In many historical buildings that have been standing for half a millennium, slate facades usually only have to be repaired because the nails have rusted out. No artificial product can compete with such durability.

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Today, natural slate only rarely comes from Germany, in many cases it also comes from the Far East, where the labor-intensive mining does not drive the retail price that high. Slate qualities are different, depending on the deposit. The high durability is guaranteed both with the clay slate and with all types of oil shale, only the appearance is slightly different.

Slate for roofs and facades

For the roofing and for the façade clothing there are different slate plates - either honeycomb or rectangular, case by case one can also find other shapes that are less widespread. The covering works simply by overlapping attachment and nailing.

Prices Selected provider (as of: 2013)

Slate plates
Slate stencil, perforated 1,67 EUR / piece
Slate plate honeycomb, perforated, 20 x 20 cm 1,67 EUR / piece
Slate plates
Slate plain undocht, 20 x 20 cm 2.86 EUR / piece
Slate plate as a table coaster, 12 x 12 x 1 cm the-fine 1,75 EUR / piece

What you need to pay attention to when buying

If you want to produce a slate facade yourself, you have to be careful when calculating the quantity: Depending on the type of cover, the material requirements can be very different here, with the roof the differences in quantity are sometimes even greater because the type of cover always has to be adapted to the respective roof. You should therefore determine exactly the quantities required beforehand.

Tips & Tricks Normally you rarely find yourself in the position of having to cut slate - but if you do, the best way to do it is the traditional roofing method: with a chisel and hammer. This also creates the decorative breaklines. Slate tongs are another option that is also sometimes used by roofers.