Tips for the simple and optimal care of slate panels

Slate sheets are relatively easy to clean and maintain. There are numerous tips on how you can clean the natural material as quickly as possible and keep it in good condition. You can read more about the topic in this article.

Slate and other materials and surfaces made of slate

Slate is a material that has a very special surface structure and an intense color that can give your home an exclusive flair. Used outdoors, slate panels are easy to care for and offer a lot of protection for the house. Slate panels have to withstand a lot, especially outdoors. The weather influences them as well as other environmental influences, for example in areas with heavy traffic. Outside, the panels should ideally only be cleaned with clear water and, if necessary, with a rough brush. Treatment with a high-pressure cleaner is also possible in principle, but only with cold water.

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Clean and maintain surfaces made of slate panels indoors

When cleaning and maintaining slate panels, especially indoors, you should consider a few things:

  • Prior to wet cleaning, coarse dirt should be removed with a soft broom or brush.
  • Use either only clear water or cleaning agents with ingredients that are suitable for the slate.
  • If possible, do not use any aggressive cleaning agents or all-purpose cleaners that leave residues on the surface of the panels.
  • Impregnation or sealing should also be done with special means suitable for these products.
  • If the surface is to make a particularly beautiful visual impression, you can use special stone oil, which prevents moisture and dirt from penetrating the slate and creates a thin protective layer. This gives the panels a special depth of color and a satin gloss.

The maintenance of slate with common household means

Often common household means can also be used to care for the slate. Just make sure that these do not form streaks on the surface or leave too much residue. For example, there are people who use food-grade oils such as sunflower oil to treat the slates. This should give them a dark color and a beautiful surface. If in doubt, you should first try out the effect of this agent on an inconspicuous place or on a separate slate of slate.