Titan Melt - Memorable Memorial

Screws and plates made of titanium are often used for medical purposes. If the bones are healed and the patient recovered again, these precious titanium pieces may often be taken. Some people want to melt these former life skates and work to a new jewelry or temper.

Melting of titanium

Titan melts only at 1.668 degrees, this is even in the metals used in dental technology, the highest melting point at all. An additional problem is the cast crowds in which you want to melt titanium. Titan reacts with most normal casting levels, so special crucible must be used.

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Forming and bending Titan

Titan is difficult to form, since usually a so-called reinforcement occurs. Titan can only be folded cold, that is, the temperature should be between 200 and 300 degrees. However, the process is time consuming and with many sources of error.

Processing of Titan

To edit a workpiece from Titan, you must take care of the special nature of the light metal. Titan is the hardest metal to be machined, which is currently being used. So Titan tends to stick and lubricate when grinding, cutting or milling, but does not melt properly. In addition, Titan gets burn cracks when it is heated over 300 degrees.

Therefore, you can use a screw made of titanium or a titanium plate that has previously stabilized your bone is difficult to form a gem. Many then think back to the possibility of melting their titanium pieces.

Melt welding in titanium materials

Even that in the steel otherwise melt welding is not possible with titanium without further ado. Because of the oxygen affinity of the titan, very special conditions have to be fulfilled. WIG and MIG welding is quite possible with noble gas or in a high vacuum. For home improvement, this method is not recommended. Should it be tried, the area must be thoroughly cleaned. There are both alcohol and acetone suitable for this.

Tips & tricks The only meaningful solution to produce a high-quality piece of jewelry from the screws and plates that used to be in your body is a jeweler. Only a jeweler or maybe a dental technician is able to melt Titan so that a valuable memory of it is created.