Attach toilet seat

A toilet seat absolutely needs a sensible attachment so that nothing wobbles or slips later, which is very uncomfortable when using the toilet. Before changing the seat, you should also determine the most important dimensions.

What you should pay attention to when installing the toilet seat

Before you attach a new toilet lid, you should always first know the dimensions of the old toilet bowl and select the appropriate model. Pay particular attention to the following dimensions:

  • the hole spacing of the fastening screws from hole center to hole center
  • the inside width and the outside width of the toilet bowl
  • the inside length and the outside length of the toilet bowl
  • possibly also the distance from the front outer edge to the middle of an imaginary line between the two fastening holes

Choosing the right sofa

Select a set that exactly matches the shape and size of the toilet bowl. In this way you make sure that you later change or replace the seat properly. be able to mount the new seat. It is very important that later, for example, the toilet seat with the appropriate pads is correctly placed on the edge of the pool and that the seat is thus securely held.

What to watch out for when changing the seat

If you want to fit the new toilet seat, you must of course first remove the old seat and, if necessary, clean the basin thoroughly. This also allows you to better clean the areas that are normally very difficult to access. Also remove all plastic spacers from the old toilet seat, for example plastic or rubber washers and any spacers that may be present to reduce the size of the fastening holes on the toilet bowl. When installing the new toilet seat, you should make absolutely sure that all required plastic or rubber washers are inserted in the right place. You may also need intermediate pieces that have to be inserted between the fastening screws and the mostly slightly larger fastening holes on the toilet bowl.

Check everything for correct fit

After you have assembled everything correctly and tightened the fastening screws or nuts securely, you should check everything for correct seating. This is especially true if the new seat set is variable in the setting of the hole spacing. Also check every now and then that the fastening screws or nuts are firmly seated so that nothing slips.