Separation: Susan Sarandon is single again

The actress broke up with her partner after five years of relationship. The reason is a disagreement about a television project of which you are a part.

Susan Sarandon broke up with boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin after five years of dating. The reason for the break between the former couple is said to be a reality TV series, of which the two are part. Morgan Spurlock wanted to observe six people and their partners over a period of six months for the 'AOL ' series 'Connected '.

A confidante told the New York Post's' Page Six 'column that this had created tension in the relationship between the actress and the 31-year-old businessman:' It will be on the show now shown how Susan breaks up with him because she doesn't want anything to do with this project. She says to him, you are part of this show, not me. They are currently working on smoothing things over.''

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The big age difference was never a problem for the 68-year-old, as she admitted: '' We don't live under the same roof. We are no ordinary couple. It's a person's soul that interests me. When you're in love, it's not about age, gender, or skin color. It doesn't matter.'' Sarandon broke up with fellow actor Tim Robbins in 2009 after a 23-year relationship.