Wood-look stair tiles convey warmth

Wood-look stair tiles are increasingly in demand. They have the advantage over wood that they are insensitive to scratches and marks from daily use. The hygienic surface also enables easier maintenance. These are particularly important factors for stair coverings.

Natural look

The material of the tiles gives off a pleasant appearance of natural woods. The visual appearance of the stair tiles is reminiscent of wooden floorboards. The overall picture appears cozy, harmonious and the staircase has the aura of old wood.

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Easy care

This type of tile is ideal for use on areas with heavy traffic, such as stairs. The resistance to scratches and running marks speaks for itself. The simple cleaning with water and a corresponding cleaning additive is possible without any problems.

The difference to real wood of the wood-look stair tiles cannot be seen at first glance. The different sizes and formats make it easy to attach.


Stair tiles have other advantages: they insulate noise and offer slip resistance thanks to their structured surface. Together with the tiled floor, they create a harmonious picture in the stairwell.

Wood has insulating properties, whereas tiles absorb heat and are pleasantly cool in summer. There is no danger of getting a splinter of wood while walking barefoot.

Color design

The most varied of color nuances hardly limit the design options. Everything is possible from ceramics to marble to terracotta. Decorative elements and profile steps loosen up the look.

Even outdoors

Wood-look stair tiles are also available for outdoor use. The natural stone makes the stairs a real eye-catcher, is weather-resistant and insensitive. Changes in color due to solar radiation cannot harm them.

Tips & Tricks When buying tiles for outdoor use, you should make sure that they are frost-proof. Otherwise, the temperature fluctuations can cause cracks and moisture can penetrate.