Dry construction material - this is required

Insulation material is required in sufficient quantity, thickness and quality

The shopping list for a drywall project is sometimes extensive - in addition to the most important materials such as panels and stud frames, there are a variety of other things to think about when shopping. The following shopping list gives a brief overview to tick off so that you don't forget anything about drywall when buying materials. It is a prerequisite that all the necessary tools are already available.

Stud frame

  • UW profiles of sufficient length
  • CW profiles. For ceilings: UD profiles of sufficient length
  • Impact dowel in sufficient quantity
  • Mounting screws for the profiles in sufficient quantity
  • Drill in matching size for the screw holes
  • Silicone for the soil profile - is otherwise required for the joints on wall and ceiling
  • Connector
  • Matching screws to screw the connectors
  • possibly angular profiles in aureal quantity and in the right direction (indoor - outdoor angle)
  • possibly door crash profiles
  • Do not forget sheet metal scissors to shorten the profiles
  • possibly reinforcement profiles
  • Insulation strips for the profiles
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Insulating material

Rigips plates

Gispkarton plates are needed in sufficient quantity (observe waste)

  • Rigips screws in sufficient quantity
  • Edge planer do not forget, as well as hole saw attachment
  • Do not forget any necessary cables, plugs, sockets and switches, current testers

For the finish

  • Joint filler (joint filler impregnated for bathrooms and damp rooms)
  • silicone
  • possibly liquid sealing film
  • Sandpaper
  • Reinforcement strips
  • possibly corner protection profiles
  • suitable deep primer (4.81 € at Amazon *)
  • where appropriate, plaster and paint or wallpaper and wallpapering material

You are then equipped with the most important things on the basis of this list and you have certainly not missed or forgotten anything important. In any case, you should also use a tool list to check whether all the necessary tools are really available - otherwise you can easily get them when you buy materials if you think about them in good time.

If necessary, you need additional material for individual projects, such as wall connection profiles or a special reinforcement for the wall connection joint. You can then simply supplement these materials on the list above.