To take away the fear of Bentley, the pot-bellied pig, this woman is doing something heartbreaking

Meningitis caused Bentley to go blind. So that the helpless animal is not so scared in the hospital, its foster mom does something really touching.

Girls, have your handkerchiefs ready because this story is really tough. Bentley is a small, nine-month-old pot-bellied pig that was rescued by the American animal welfare organization 'EARTH Animal Sanctuary '. At the end of February, the little patient was diagnosed with meningitis. His chances of survival were just 10 percent. But Bentley was strong and won the battle with meningitis. Unfortunately not without permanent damage, because Bentley has been blind since the illness.

To recover from all his grief, Bentley has been in the hospital since February, which can really scare a little pig. Especially when it cannot see where it is and only hears loud, unfamiliar clinical noises. But the pig has a very special friend: Corinne DiLorenzo, director and founder of EARTH Animal Sanctuary. What she does for the little pig is really very touching. But see for yourself:


Whenever Corinne finds the time, she visits her Bentley. Because he is, as she writes under her video, "like all pigs, incredibly intelligent and in need of love and reacts to love and affection the same way a small child would react."Corinne also says: " I miss him so much when I have to leave him here every day and I can hardly wait for the day when he is allowed to go home."

We are sure that Corinne will find the right home for Bentley and that with so much love and affection the pig will not be missing for anything until then.