"Inappropriate "?! This young mother reacts so quickly to criticism of her bikini

"My stretch marks and my tummy may not be sexy. But they are proof that I did something incredible."

It's summer, it's warm - we want to go to the pool! Lexi Sinclair from Kansas City, Missouri, thought so too. So she grabbed her 4 month old son, Christian, and went to the public pool in her neighborhood.

But the beautiful summer day got a bitter aftertaste when some of the other pool visitors thought they had to comment on their bikini and body. In a Facebook post, Lexi talks about the unpleasant encounter and her reaction to the nasty comments.


Today I took my 4 month old son to the pool. While I was putting Christian's swimming cap on, a woman (maybe in her mid-50s) came up to me and started talking to me about Christian. She asks me about his age, how much he weighs, how he sleeps, etc. Then she explained to me that the men around the pool would be more comfortable if I wore a one-piece swimsuit because a bikini was not appropriate for a mother - especially one who was "recovering."."Everyone who knows me knows that I had a few words for this crazy, brave woman. But instead I just smiled, kissed my son, and said, "I'm proud of my body.". In just one year I gained 23 pounds and lost 17 pounds again. I grew up a person and gave birth to a miracle. My body fed my child. So, no, my body may not be the most beautiful sight for men. My stretch marks and tummy may not be sexy. But they are proof that I have achieved something incredible and that I have a man who loves me and who finds me more beautiful today than ever before. To be honest, I don't give a shit what other men or a snooty chick like you think about it. Have a good time!"

Well roared, lioness! No wonder Lexis Post was over 23 in a very short time.Has been shared 000 times. The young mother receives encouragement and praise for her quick-witted reaction from all over the world. "I NEVER expected such a reaction," Lexi said in a later Facebook post. "The support from my friends, family, and even strangers is great!"

Lexi really more than deserves the praise. Because this story proves once again how inappropriate it is to worry about the looks or bodies of other people. Especially if we don't know them. In the end, what matters most is how we feel ourselves - we shouldn't care about the opinion of others!