Leaking roof? These costs per square meter are incurred for the flat roof renovation

Some leaky flat roofs can be repaired inexpensively, but this is usually only a temporary solution: if the roof slowly becomes dilapidated, a flat roof renovation is necessary to protect the entire building fabric. What costs are to be expected per square meter?

Flat roof renovation: any work that arises determines the costs

In the case of an upcoming flat roof renovation, the homeowner usually cannot avoid hiring a professional roofer. The risk of injury when working on the roof is simply too high for the layperson.

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The reason for a flat roof renovation is mostly leaks, often the drainage system has to be renewed, the roof slope corrected or the lateral outer wall has to be increased. Replacing inefficient thermal insulation with insulation material according to the latest standard is a common part of flat roof renovation.

Because there are many different reasons for a flat roof renovation, which result in work assignments of varying scope, a general statement about the costs per square meter for a flat roof renovation is not possible.

Flat roof renovation: approximate costs per square meter

If the flat roof is not particularly badly damaged, the thermal insulation is sufficient and the structural conditions are correct, it may need to be repaired with a renovation sheet. The application of such a plastic membrane for sealing costs you around 20 to 30 EUR per square meter.

If a comparatively cheap renovation is no longer possible, the flat roof must either be completely or partially torn down. Demolition and dismantling cost several thousand euros, depending on the materials and roof size.

For a new flat roof without thermal insulation, calculate with costs per square meter of around 30 to 40 EUR. The drainage system costs extra.

In most cases, however, new thermal insulation must also be installed, because after decades the old insulation no longer has any value. A flat roof insulated according to current standards with at least 20 cm insulation material costs you around 100 to 120 EUR per square meter.

Less intensive insulation of 12 cm initially costs less money - but these savings are offset by the heating bill. Calculate up to around 90 EUR per square meter for this flat roof renovation.

Flat roof renovation: costs per square meter using the example

A homeowner has to have his flat roof refurbished. The roofer finds that it is enough to apply a renovation sheet. In addition, the drainage system has to be revised and the parapet increased.

Cost overview price
Apply the renovation membrane 1.750 EUR
Repair work on the drainage 350 EUR
Increase the attic 1.800 EUR
total 3.900 EUR

Deduct costs

A certain percentage of the roofing work can be deducted from the income tax return. Ask the roofer to show the hourly wage separately.

Tips & Tricks Have your flat roof checked by a roofer as soon as possible in the event of leaks so that your house does not suffer any loss in value due to the ingress of water.