Leaking angle valve - What to do in the event of water damage?

Water damage is never to be trifled with. If a leaky angle valve is the cause of the damage, it must be remedied as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage could spread further. There are various causes that determine who will end up paying for the repair and refurbishment.


1. Not adequately checked

The seal inside the angle valve wears out over time and must be checked by a professional. Failure to do this will result in breakage over time and inevitably serious water damage.

2. Misdirected

One of the most common reasons is incorrect alignment by the professional. Angle valves can come loose with just one twist in the wrong direction, causing it to leak.

3. Damaged seal

If it is a self-sealing angle valve, it can sometimes happen that the seal no longer works and this leads to water damage. The reason for this is the need to loosen the angle valve and then reinsert it. This can break the seal. If it is not reapplied, which is often forgotten with self-sealing valves, a leak occurs.

Who is liable?

This question is justified because water damage can be expensive. If you do not have any specialist knowledge in this area yourself, you should never replace or repair the angle valve yourself. Nevertheless, they should be checked professionally at regular intervals so that they still fit well. As a homeowner, you have to arrange for the inspection, while in a rented apartment your landlord has to do it.

If this is not done, you or your landlord are liable. In this case, the building insurance bears the costs. Your liability also covers damage to your belongings. If you are the apartment owner and have not checked the angle valve for too long, you will also be liable for water damage that occurred in other people's apartments.

If the water damage was instead caused by a mistake by the specialist company, the business liability insurance covers the entire costs. It must be proven that the specialist has botched, but after that you do not have to pay anything yourself. If the angle valve was deliberately damaged, most insurance companies will not cover the damage.