Accident in the home office: Am I regularly insured??

Many employers now offer flexible home office options. But: Am I insured if I have an accident while working from home??

In the Netherlands, employees have had the right to work from home since 2015. Unfortunately, Germany is still lagging a little behind. In this country there is no legal right to work from home. Nevertheless: In 2017 it was at least 30 percent who had the opportunity to work entirely or partially within their own four walls.
Now, during the Corona crisis, many companies are inevitably switching to home office. But how is it actually: Is the company accident insurance liable if something happens to me while working from home?? You should know that.

Am I also legally insured when I work from home??

Anyone who suffers an accident on the way to work or in the office is covered by statutory accident insurance. However, it is not that simple if the work accident occurs within your own four walls. In the case of home office, it depends, whether an accident is directly related to work or not.

If, for example, you fall on the way from the bathroom to the study or if you pinch your finger at the printer at home, then according to the law, it is an accident at work. The Federal Social Court has ruled that the accident insurance is liable in this case.

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Be careful when going to the toilet!

The situation is different with private activities in the home office: Anyone who wants to get a coffee in the kitchen at home and slips on the way there is not covered by the statutory accident insurance. The same goes for going to the toilet. Here, too, you are not insured in the event of an accident.

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Accident in the home office: what to do?

Anyone who has an accident in the home office must therefore provide evidence that it really was an accident at work. Otherwise the statutory accident insurance does not apply. The problem: In the office, colleagues can usually testify to the accident, but not at home in most cases.

So that the trade association does not reject the claim, it is important to provide all the details of the accident to be documented directly in writing and to contact the BG immediately. Anyone who does not report the occupational accident until a few days later must expect that the insurance will rely on a staging of the accident.

The following should be documented:

  • The exact time of the accident: Only accidents during the working hours agreed with the employer are covered. Evidence of calls to the doctor or ambulance service can be useful here.

  • The exact location of the accident: This must necessarily be related to the work. Who z.B. was on the way to another room to the printer to get an important document is insured.

If the accident at home was not an accident at work, but an accident in the private sector, then this must be regulated by the respective health insurance.