Unretouched & natural: women share photos of their thighs online - for THIS important reason

Dents or not: Nobody should feel like they have to hide their thighs.

Under the hashtag ThighsForJeaux (translated: "Thighs for Jeaux "), numerous women share unretouched and unfiltered photos of their thighs on social networks - with or without stretch marks, cellulite or thigh gaps.

You followed a call from a Twitter user named Mixo alias "Mijeaux ". With her first picture, Mixo just wanted to celebrate her own body. But she soon wanted to make other women feel good too.

I took this on the first day of ThighsForJeaux pic.twitter.com / A28fkINZo1

- thigh ambassador✨ (@Mijeaux) 8. January 2016

Speaking to 'Marie Claire South Africa ' she says: “People are sentenced for showing their thighs, especially when their thighs are not 'perfect ' by social standards. I wanted to use the hashtag to show this attitude towards our bodies as a problem."

The hashtag was gratefully accepted by the Twitter community. Numerous women have followed Mixo's example and shared pictures of their thighs - just as they are: unedited, natural and beautiful.

© Twitter / wzrdash

A great action that shows that there are no perfect thighs, but that every woman should love her thighs.