How to sell your terraced house right

You own a townhouse but want to sell it for certain reasons? In this article you will learn what you should consider for a successful sale and the importance of a reasonable price.

Set the price

Establishing a reasonable and fair price is of fundamental importance when selling a townhouse. If the price is too low, you sold your house quickly, but you may have given away tens of thousands of euros. If the price is too high, not only is it difficult to find a buyer, but it also becomes more and more difficult in the long run: the longer a house is offered unsuccessfully, the more skeptical interested parties become. You think to yourself: “If the townhouse has not been bought for a long time, something can be wrong with it."

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To avoid both of these cases, you should get a professional opinion. In most cases this costs around 1000 - 2000 euros, but in the end it ensures a reasonable price and thus makes sales immensely easier. To get an initial orientation, you can also have a less professional "report " made on the Internet. Cheap or free programs calculate how much it is worth based on the data you provide about the townhouse.

Address many interested parties

In order to offer a terraced house for sale under ideal conditions, you should use different media. With just one newspaper advertisement, you usually only reach regional prospects, while an advertisement on the Internet addresses a significantly larger group of home buyers.

As a seller of a terraced house, you also have an advantage over other sellers: the lower supply. While one- and two-family houses are offered in large numbers and in a wide variety of variations, there is not such a large selection in terraced houses. Make your offer interesting by using an appealing description and successful pictures.

Tips & Tricks A terraced house is an expensive purchase. Find out from your bank what financing options are available for your house so that interested parties can be informed. As a seller, it is always an advantage to appear competent, serious and trustworthy to the potential buyer.