Rot-free wood on the floor with tiles in wood look

It does not suit everyone's taste and looks closer to laminate than real wood. Tiles with a wood look can, however, be the perfect solution, especially in damp rooms, when the warm appearance of wood is to be combined with reliable resistance to any moisture.

Perfect choice with underfloor heating

Using advanced production techniques, wood looks on tiles can be reproduced surprisingly and accurately. In addition to depicting different types of wood and textures, there are also slightly roughened or uneven surfaces available, which come close to the wood when you step on them.

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A decisive difference to real wood is the air conditioning and foot warmth of tiles. A warm appearance is only guaranteed with underfloor heating, otherwise the temperature depends very much on structural conditions. Basement floors or other floors without a basement can be very cool and prevent walking barefoot.

Arguments for a wood look

  • Completely insensitive to moisture and humidity.
  • With the appropriate structural conditions or underfloor heating, no material conducts heat better.
  • Depending on the wood decor, tiles with a wood look are inexpensive and in some cases only cost a fraction of the original real wood.
  • The longevity usually exceeds that of wood, even with high-quality trees. Tiles with a wood look are designed as a lifelong floor covering.

Arguments against a wood look

  • The wood look does not meet personal taste and looks too fake.
  • Non-existent foot warmth and step comfort limit the usability too much.
  • A floating and therefore removable installation is not possible.

Cheaper than wooden parquet

Tiles with a wood look are offered in the price range between twenty and fifty euros per square meter. Individual items can be sold as promotional goods or special offers from ten euros.

In the tiling there are tiles in the offer that offer different wood looks from bog oak to light ash to oak imitations in various formats and sizes.

Tips & Tricks For tiles with a wood look, the surfaces of which also have tangible wood structures, cost from fifty euros per square meter. The providers, and offer exclusive tiles with structure.