Makes air conditioning dry air?

Air conditioning systems can significantly increase well-being and thinking skills, especially in offices full of people and computers. On the other hand, the artificial cooling air is also known to be unhealthy and promotes colds. This is due on the one hand to easily accumulating germs and on the other hand to the dryness of the cooling air.

Why air conditioning air is so dry

Some people know it from the office, some from air travel: being exposed to air conditioning for hours quickly leads to a sore throat and runny nose. It has also been scientifically proven that there is a connection between air conditioning air and an increased risk of colds. Several studies, as noted in an article in the International Journal of Epidemiology, 2004, Vol. 33, issue 5, showed that workers in air-conditioned buildings go to the doctor significantly more often than workers in naturally ventilated buildings because of respiratory problems and allergic symptoms.

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This is mainly due to the germ load that quickly develops in the moisture accumulation in air conditioning systems. If the system is not regularly maintained and maintained, it becomes a true germ screwing.

In the cooling of the warm system air also withdrawn water - cold air can keep less moisture than warm. The dissolved moisture condenses to the cold refrigerant pipes and is usually derived over a drain hose or collected in a shell. The colder the air conditioning is set, the dryer so the office air and the more irritable the mucous membranes of the occupants. Cold viruses then have light game.

Soil-promoting factors of an air conditioning are:

  • Seed load in the system
  • To dry room air due to too low target temperature setting

What do against dry air through air conditioning?

As explained above, the room air is withdrawn the more moisture, the colder the target temperature of the air conditioning is set. Setting it not so low is good for the mucous membranes as well as for energy consumption. A moderate cooling temperature is also beneficial to the health insofar as a high temperature difference between inside and outside is very stressful for the circulation.

To ensure that there is as little health risk as possible from the air conditioning system in addition to the air that is too dry, the device should be well cared for - that is, it should undergo regular hygienic cleaning. For this purpose, in rooms in which the system runs several hours a day, the air filter must be washed at least once a week and, if necessary, disinfected with an air conditioning disinfectant spray.