Create viscose deliberately - for a better fit

Have you bought a too big clothing - or received a gift? Some fabrics are indeed the ability to make them purposely run to create a smaller size. However, this does not work absolutely targeted, but rather after the famous motto »Pi times thumbs up". We'll show you how best to get to the cause with your good piece from viscose.

In certain cases, go better to the tailor

Is your garment especially valuable or is it very important to you? Then go better to the tailor with your change request and can be customized the part there professionally. Because in the "run" can always go wrong!

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Even better the fingers of satin, true silk, wool and felt, because that will probably ruin your fabric. Viscose is much more suitable for having to let you run, as well as cotton blend tissue.

Take viscose by machine or hand wash

There are two ways to choose from: Either let your viscose began by washing machine or by hand washing. Both times comes "too hot" water into the game, which is tempered higher than on the care label.

The washing machine version

  • Clothing in the machine
  • Set 60 degree program
  • Then possibly. still in the dryer
  • Alternatively: moisturizing viscose and directly into the dryer

The hand wash version

  • Lay clothes in warm water bath
  • The temperature should be at 60 degrees
  • To soak viscose
  • Check condition in between
  • Remove again with matching size

Become too small? Also targeted width is possible!

If they are over the target, it is even the possibility to rule out the viscose again. That works by soaking the fabric in lukewarm water with baby shampoo and pull it in shape.

So that the fibers do not shorten themselves, they should dry the tissue lying, with weights complained. Please do not write or tug all too strong - and rinse the shampoo again at the next laundry.

Tips & Tricks A heavy fabric can you, instead of complaining, just hanging on a side and dangle. In advance and hope that the tissue continues to last itself.