From permanent stone to mobile plastic: balcony tiles

The laying of balcony tiles on the floors, which are mostly made of cast concrete, can either be created permanently with glued stone or ceramic tiles or with loosely laid click tiles made of plastic or wood. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

Frost protection and durability

Frost-proof ceramic or stone tiles are suitable for permanent laying of balcony tiles. They are firmly attached to the balcony floor with tile adhesive and must be laid professionally for the purpose of weather resistance. Avoiding voids under the balcony tiles guarantees frost resistance.

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Wood and plastic balcony tiles with click technology allow quick and easy installation. The balcony tiles have a substructure that acts as a drainage system. In most cases, the individual elements consist of parallel strips with open joints, but there are also closed panels made of plastic.

Materials and models

  • Plastic tiles without a substructure that resemble puzzle pieces and are pressed into one another by means of tabs and recesses on the edges.
  • Click tiles made of plastic, which consist of several parallel strips with open joints and are laid next to each other and clicked into place.
  • Click tiles made of plastic with full body surface, mostly heavy quality and high rubber or rubber content.
  • Click tiles made of wood, similar to plastic products, only that the strips are made of wood, mostly weatherproof and impregnated acacia or Douglas fir.
  • Ceramic tiles in frost-proof design and mostly made of glazed stoneware.
  • Frost-proof natural stone tiles that are firmly glued like ceramic tiles and represent a permanent solution.
  • Concrete or cement tiles, which are rarely chosen because the existing balcony floor is usually made of concrete.

Mobile or stationary balcony tiles

The prices vary greatly depending on the variety of materials and the large selection of different types of balcony tiles. A price range of twenty to forty euros can be assumed for loosely laid click balcony tiles made of plastic or wood.

Stone and ceramic tiles are in a similar price segment, with accessories such as glue and grout (€ 6.19 at Amazon *) and, if necessary, installation by a specialist company. Expensive natural stones such as frost-resistant marble cost up to eighty euros.

Tips & Tricks Especially in the area of plastic products made of heavy plastic with a high rubber content, there are stone and wood-like decors. Under balcony there are many elastic balcony tiles.