Painting walls - what is the right temperature?

It shouldn't be too cold or too hot to paint walls. The optimal temperature for painting a wall is between 18 ° C and 25 ° C. You shouldn't pick up a brush below or above it.

Why is the temperature important when painting??

Colors are sensitive to the weather. However, you do not necessarily have to paint in the summer at moderate temperatures; the winter months are also ideal for interior painting.

With controlled ventilation, the walls dry faster than in summer with high temperatures. Brief ventilation moves the warm, moist air out of the room. The air, which then heats up again, is then able to absorb moisture again.

The same goes for painting work. But always make sure that the rooms do not cool down so much and that no drafts arise.

Tips & Tricks Generally unsuitable for painting walls are temperatures below 5 ° C. Paints and varnishes should also not be stored below this temperature.