When staying in the tree house becomes living

The definition of what living in a tree house means is not always unambiguous and clear. What occasional overnight stays as a type of camping means for the resident can represent a residential-like use for the building authority or the neighbors. To avoid the risk of a later demolition, planning should be carried out in a legally secure manner.

Smooth transitions that depend on indicators and evaluation

A tree house in the garden can form a pure playhouse or be designed for residential-like use. The transitions are often fluid. In addition to equipment designed for living, spending the night in a tree house can serve as a rough assessment limit. Some indicators are assessed by the building authority as relevant for a required building permit. Converted living space is always subject to approval, purely recreational facilities only in some cases.

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Indicators that speak for living

  • Insulation against cold and heat
  • Lockable doors and windows
  • Power connection (also extension cable)
  • Water connection
  • Hot water supply (also boiler)
  • Sanitary facility (including camping toilet)
  • Sleeping place (bed, hammock, folding bed, mattress)
  • Professionally sealed roof
  • Wall decorations and home accessories
  • Textile furnishings (curtains, carpets)
  • Furniture of all kinds
  • Cooking facilities
  • Refrigerators
  • Multi-day stays including overnight stays (including guests)

Indicators that speak against living

  • No or open windows and doors
  • No insulation
  • No permanent furnishings
  • Exclusively seasonal use (summer, sunshine, heat)
  • Open joints and pure wooden crates
  • Floor space less than ten square meters

Living in a tree house is not feasible everywhere

The legal regulations on residential and residential buildings in general must be observed. In Germany, residential buildings may not be built everywhere and in any case. These rules apply to garden houses, arbors and tree houses, for example. The regional and / or local development plan can prohibit the project. This also includes private properties.

In order to obtain a building permit, other authorities can be involved in addition to the building authority. Fire, nature and water protection must also be given when building a tree house and the corresponding materials.

Tips & Tricks If you are unsure whether you will only stay longer and overnight in your tree house or whether you are already living, clarify the legal situation with the building authority and / or with the help of an architect. You almost always lose legal disputes with unpopular neighbors or alarmed authorities.