When you should go for click parquet

Click parquet technology was developed by the industry in order to provide the increasing number of skilled do-it-yourselfers with a product that is easy to lay. The original tongue and groove is provided with an additional profile run in the click parquet, which enables the connection to "lock into place".

Types of parquet in click variants

In principle, click parquet can be made from any wood. Whether it is a multi-layer parquet with wear layer veneer or a solid wood parquet is irrelevant, but the solid versions are expensive, especially with hardwood.

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The laying bandage for a click parquet is the parallel bandage, which also includes the popular ship floor. The individual panels are plugged into one another and locked into place, which usually leads to the optimal seamless end position. A large selection is also available as click parquet planks.

Lifespan and durability

The lifespan of the click parquet is determined less by the type of panel connections than by the type of wood and laying and the subsequent sealing. Multi-layer parquet with a wear layer a few millimeters thick is estimated at ten years, as only a few renovations are possible. In the case of solid wood, experts indicate the service life from fifty years to theoretically infinite.

If the click parquet is laid in an adhesive bed, it has the same durability as any other type of parquet. In the case of floating installation, the subsurface must have been processed accordingly in order to prevent possible vibrations due to unevenness or the formation of condensation.

Current offers

Multi-layer click parquet
3-layer beech parquet-direct.net 14.99 EUR / sqm
3-layer ash white parquet-direct.net 19.99 EUR / sqm
Solid click parquet
Solid wood plank, raw old oak parquet-store24.de 94.90 EUR / sqm
Brushed cognac oak parquet-store24.de 69.90 EUR / sqm

Creaking is mostly caused by the ground

Especially with floating click parquet, creaking noises can occur when walking on it later. In the majority of cases, this is due to a surface that is too soft, which is caused, for example, by a yielding material for the impact sound insulation. If you are sensitive to noise, you should choose full gluing of the click parquet.

Tips & Tricks The majority of click parquets are two or three-layer products. Here you should pay attention to a thick wear layer of at least six millimeters, especially in the case of gluing.