Warm colors between beige and light brown: tiles with a sandstone look

The look of the sandstone conveys a cozy and warm living atmosphere. The rock in its natural occurrence is, however, too soft and porous to be suitable as a resistant and insensitive floor covering or wall cladding.

Natural sandstone is delicate

In the public space, sandstone elements can be found on many buildings, from the splendid mansion to the cathedral. The stone made from sand, following the name, provides sufficient stability and resistance for facades. It is not suitable as a floor covering or on room walls that are exposed to direct stress, as the soft and porous structure absorbs a lot of moisture and tends to stain.

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Using the modern production techniques of porcelain stoneware, it is possible to reproduce the popular look and the feeling of living with tiles in sandstone look almost one to one. The mostly unglazed material is given a density through enormous pressure that prevents moisture absorption and achieves stability values that can be exceeded, for example, by granite.

Surfaces like the original

The industrial production techniques give each sandstone-look tile a unique look, which is created by the random mixes of the components and their pressing. Different surface textures additionally reinforce the natural effect.

  • Smooth surfaces glossy or matt polished in up to thirty basic colors from red to green to many shades from gray to beige to light brown.
  • Hammered surfaces with unevenness in the millimeter range, which, for example, ensure a sandstone-typical slip resistance in bathroom floors.
  • Pronounced or light structure, ranging from single-colored textures to subtle color gradients.

In the middle to upper price range

Compared to other tile decors, the sandstone-look products are in the middle price range and are mainly offered for square meter prices between 25 and fifty euros.

  • Online tile retailers like fliesen24.de, tiling boss.de or rw-stonediscount.de have tiles with a sandstone look in their range in this price range
  • In the luxury segment, tiles with a sandstone look are available from fifty to one hundred euros per square meter, as is the case with rocktex.eu or ag-natural stone works.de.
Tips & Tricks If you think of real sandstone, at least in the area of the wall cladding, make sure that the demolition in the Indian quarries, for example, was not carried out by children.