Generate hot water with a tiled stove

With a wood-fed stove you can heat your house and your drinking water independently or semi-self-sufficiently. This is also possible with tiled stoves, provided they are treated with water. It is also possible to retrofit a classic tiled stove with a water pocket.

Modern water heating with a nostalgic tiled stove

Promising heating systems no longer rely on fossil fuels, but on constantly available or. Renewable environmental resources - if you want to heat in an ecologically responsible and cost-saving way in the future, you should better rely on heat pump technology with air, water or geothermal energy or on fuels made from the renewable raw material wood, i.e. logs or wood pellets.

Wood-fed stoves are not just a source of heat with an authentic, nostalgic charm. With innovative equipment technology, you can also supply the heating and hot water system in residential buildings to a large extent or even completely.

To be able to do this, a stove must be water-bearing, i.e. it must be equipped with which its combustion heat can be dissipated to the pipeline network in the house. This works as follows:

  • Water register absorbs combustion heat from the combustion chamber
  • Heat is first transferred to the buffer storage tank
  • From there, the heating pipe system and hot water system are fed

The water register (also called water pocket) in the water-bearing furnace is a water-filled container that functions as a kind of heat exchanger. It heats up via the combustion chamber and transfers the heat via a direct connection and a pump group to a buffer storage tank, from which both the heating pipe system and the pipe system for warm drinking water can be supplied.

Modular water-bearing tiled stoves and retrofitting of tiled stoves

If you prefer a tiled stove as a heating source, you can buy a new modular model with completely ready-made water-bearing equipment and integrate it into your central heating system. For this purpose, the tiled stove with integrated water register is connected to the central buffer tank via a pump group. If this does not already supply the drinking water system with heat, either the storage tank must be replaced by a combination model or a separate drinking water storage tank must be connected.

If a classic tiled stove is already available, it can be retrofitted for connection to a central buffer tank and thus converted into a water-bearing stove. The old tiled stove insert can be replaced by an insert with a water register. The integration of a pump group, which takes over the further transport to the buffer storage, and, if necessary, the connection of a separate drinking water storage tank to the buffer storage, ensure the hot water supply here as well.