Why a ground-level shower runs badly

If a ground-level shower does not expire, the different reasons can have. Mostly the flow is clogged, but it can also be due to structural defects, at the wrong shower head or the shape of the inlet.

Weak spot shower inlet

Earth-level showers are not only visually a highlight, they provide accessibility and an open bathroom. In the new building anyway the racer, in old buildings are more and more renovations associated with a walk-in shower. In addition to the many advantages, such a shower also has a disadvantage. The shower run of a ground-level shower can basically be a weak point. He has to reliably absorb and derive the inflowing water.

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4 reasons that can provide a bad course?


First, you should always think about constipation. Showering, hair and soap residues in the shower run, which take the drain out over time. To remove them, you must remove the siphon and remove clogging. You should also check all connection cables.

Dot or line drainage

Point drainage is usually done in the middle of the shower. Here the water runs together and is disposed of. If the water is discharged down, for example, in a basement floor, that is in order if the flow is laterally the receptivity relative to line drainage. The latter can take much more water at the same time. Therefore, ground-level showers should be provided with a line drainage as possible.

The wrong shower head

Anyone who understands his ground-level shower as a wellness oasis will not want to do without a rain-shock head. While these are very pleasant, but in contrast to a sparing shower head have one up to three times higher water flow rate. If this can not be recorded on water from the shower run, it can also come to the backwater.

The wrong gradient

If the slope of the wastewater line is not enough, the water can not run fast enough. The gradient must be at least 2%. But this is then a Laity, which is only to eliminate with considerable effort.

Tips & Tricks If you suspect that this is a tree-level, you should first draw one skilled in the art. Only he can decide if a repair is possible or a lawyer must be switched on.