Why does the gas boiler smell like a drain?

If the gas boiler emits a very unpleasant smell that is reminiscent of a drain, all alarm bells should ring for you. Under certain circumstances, there may be a leak in the gas boiler.

If there are unusual smells at a gas boiler

It is quite possible that unusual smells occur at a gas boiler. You should definitely not ignore these, but rather find out the reason for the unpleasant smells. A rotten egg smell, for example, can be the first warning sign of a gas leak. The best thing to do is to take the following security measures:

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  • switch off the entire system as soon as possible
  • The same applies to electrical consumers
  • it is best to hire a specialist company immediately to locate the source of the odor and, if necessary, to eliminate it

Unpleasant smells as a warning sign

Some network operators add fragrances to the gas so that leaks can be better perceived. If, for example, natural gas is used, it is a naturally odorless substance that cannot be perceived any further. Unpleasant scents are supposed to alert the residents of a house when something is wrong. Such a measure is also quite conceivable. You should therefore act in any case if unpleasant smells occur at the gas boiler.

If in doubt, always have the system checked

It cannot do any harm to have the system checked by a qualified company if irregularities or even unpleasant smells occur. Even if in the end it turns out that it is only a relatively harmless cause, still play it safe. If necessary, it can also simply be an insufficiently closed connection for a drain, from which odors arise. Of course, you can also check in the relevant room whether such a connection is available and has not been properly sealed.

Switch off the gas boiler to be on the safe side

If you want to commission a specialist company to check the system, first switch it off completely until a thorough check has taken place. It also doesn't hurt to ventilate the room thoroughly right away in order to discharge any gases in the room to the outside. In addition, avoid using electrical devices in this room if there is gas in the air.