Why does the freezer smell?

When you open the freezer, you should come across a neutral odor. If the freezer smells unpleasant, the cause must be found and remedied. In many cases, thorough cleaning, including the seals and drainage channel, is sufficient.

Moist air promotes odor formation

As soon as there is increased humidity in the freezer, bad smells develop quickly. You should therefore avoid the formation of condensation in the device as far as possible. An intact door seal, the storage of dry and pre-cooled food packaging and opening the door as briefly as possible will help you. Moisture can be bound by a bowl of baking soda, baking powder or salt. However, this does not eliminate the cause of moisture and odor formation.

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First measures against bad smells

  • Dispose of expired food
  • Defrost the freezer
  • Carry out basic cleaning
  • Clean the seals
  • Clean and dry the drainage channel

Particles in the ice

If the freezer has been used for months and the last defrosting was a long time ago, a thick layer of ice forms. This can contain inclusions of food particles that give off bad smells. In addition to the unpleasant smell, the layer of ice causes higher energy requirements. You should therefore not allow it to form thicker layers of ice.

Clean the external parts of the device

On the back of many cooling devices there is a collecting tray for drained condensation water. In addition to moisture, dirt particles that produce bad smells collect here. The back of the device should therefore be included in the cleaning schedule when the freezer is defrosted and cleaned. The drainage channel that drains the condensation to the outside also needs cleaning. With a pipe cleaner or a cotton swab you push into the opening and ensure free passage.

Tips & Tricks A source of bad odors from the freezer can be deposits in the door seal. If dirt particles settle here, they, together with the condensation water, promote the formation of mold. A toothbrush is suitable for cleaning the slats in the door seal.