What is the difference between a stove and an oven?

In colloquial terms, stove and oven are often the same thing - but that makes a difference in the language of dealers. In this article, you will find out what exactly is called a stove and how it can be distinguished from the oven.

What is a stove?

In the correct language, a stove is the entire device. The hob is to be distinguished from the stove. It is controlled from the stove, on which the controls are also located. The exception to this is a so-called self-sufficient hob. It has no connection to a stove, but contains all controls and regulations.

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Colloquially, the word "stove" is often used for the oven in Germany. Strictly speaking, this is not correct.

Integrated or built-in oven

An oven can be integrated into the stove, which is then operated via a switch on the stove's control panel. An oven can also be installed separately and also connected.

Construction methods

Accordingly, one can differentiate between very different construction methods:

  • the free-standing stove (a free-standing device, usually with a cover for the hotplates and an integrated oven)
  • the built-in stove with integrated oven and connected hob
  • the built-in stove with a separate oven (stove and hob only)
  • a self-sufficient hob
  • a separately installed and connected oven (self-sufficient)

Each type of construction has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a separate oven built into a tall cupboard can be much more convenient than one that is permanently attached to the stove. There is also space below the hob for the necessary pots and kitchen utensils, which in turn can shorten the way in the kitchen.

Tips & Tricks Each stove configuration also requires different connections. They must always be manufactured appropriately by the electrician and placed in the correct place in the fitted kitchen. There are certain rules and norms for this.