What you can do for more noise protection on the terrace

Always, if you want to enjoy your coffee on your terrace, catch the neighbors with lawn mowing or their children with exuberant football matches? There are a number of things you can do to shield yourself from annoying noise. We'll show you a few options.

Effective noise protection on the terrace

The question of the available space is very important for all outdoor noise protection installations. If you own a large piece of land on a noisy country road, you have different options than if you are renting a townhouse with a mini-terrace next to it.

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When warding off noise outdoors, the following always applies: the sound blocker should be as massive as possible. Depending on the space available, the following variants are available:

  • heaped earth wall
  • massive soundproof wall
  • (plantable) concrete fence
  • Plant stone erection

Earth wall

Of course, you need the most space for an earth wall - so this option is only suitable for large plots. However, it is optically and ecologically the most natural, especially if the wall is planted. With a greening of bushes and flowers, you also create a habitat for animals, an effective fine dust filter and additional noise reduction at the same time.

A simple hedge is not suitable for noise shielding because it is too small.

Soundproof wall

A thick soundproof wall made of stones is very effective because it is particularly solid. The best sound insulation values are achieved by walls made of as dense, heavy building block material as possible, a high thickness and seamless mortar. With a wall made of normal concrete blocks with a thickness of 20 centimeters, around 50 dB of sound insulation can be achieved, which corresponds to the highest sound insulation class.

Concrete fence

The word already suggests that concrete fences are a bit thinner. In fact, concrete fences, which are offered in specialist shops or in hardware stores explicitly as noise and privacy protection, are usually only 3-4 centimeters thick. They consist of normal concrete and can only achieve moderate sound insulation values of a good 30 dB. However, this space-saving variant can be sufficient to ward off moderate neighboring noise. To avoid an overly dreary look, you can consider plantable concrete fence models.

Plant stone erection

Buildings made of plant stones are somewhat more attractive and horticulturally more valuable, but again more space-intensive. These can achieve a good sound-blocking mass and sound-absorbing effect through the combination of the stone planting ring material, the filled in soil and the planting. Another nice feature of this solution is the freedom of design.