What to do if the cold foam mattress stinks?

Both new and old cold foam mattresses can have an unpleasant smell. This can have various causes. Find out below why your cold foam mattress smells and what you can do about it.

Reasons for odors in the cold foam mattress

The development of odors in old and new cold foam mattresses is something completely normal and can have various reasons:

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  • Production-related smell of chemicals (with new mattresses)
  • Mold smell caused by mold growth
  • Age-related odor of sweat or other dirt

Are the smells harmful to health??

According to the manufacturer, the production-related odors are not harmful; but they are probably not particularly healthy either. You should therefore let your new cold foam mattress air out before you move into it.
Mold is harmful to your health, so you should act immediately if you suspect mold: Remove the bedding and mattress cover and examine your mattress for mold. If you discover any, treat the affected areas as described here.
Like any other mattress, a cold foam mattress should be cleaned regularly to remove sweat, dust mites and other dirt. Otherwise there may be unpleasant smells, this is completely normal.

Prevent unpleasant odors

Cold foam mattresses do not really score in terms of ventilation, which means that moisture quickly builds up and leads to odors. To counteract this, take the following tips to heart:

  • Every morning after you get up, turn the comforter back for some time to allow the moisture to evaporate.
  • Change bed linen regularly.
  • Wash the mattress cover every two to three months.
  • Thoroughly clean your mattress once a year. You can find out how to do this here.

These funds help if the cold foam mattress stinks

If your cold foam mattress stinks, you should act. No matter if it is harmful smells or not, no one likes to sleep in the stink. With these methods you can fight the smells:

1. Thoroughly trigger mattress

Especially with production-related smells, it is best to help the mattress just to put a few days to a well-ventilated place and let it out. The best is a place outdoors, such as Z.B. a covered balcony.

2. Soda

Natron is a popular odor killer. Sprinkle a nationwide soda over the entire mattress, let him act for a few hours and suck the powder off.

3. Wet cleaning

Once a year, it is advisable to undergo the cold foam mattress of a wet cleaning. Just lend a wet vacuum in the next drugstore and clean the mattress as if she were a carpet.

Tips & Tricks After every wet cleaning, the mattress must dry out 100% before it is covered.