Dispose of exposed aggregate concrete panels properly

Washed concrete slabs are classified as building rubble and accepted as such in recycling centers in cities and municipalities. This disposal method usually costs money, although smaller amounts usually have to be disposed of free of charge. It is worth thinking about alternatives.

Giving away to self-collectors solves the problem of transport. In the classified advertisement on the Internet or as a notice, it should absolutely be stated that only a total fee is made, otherwise the "scrap " is often left behind. Asking questions on farms is another option.

On larger construction sites there is often a crusher with which large rocks and concrete parts are shredded. For a tip, the local site manager is often willing to simply throw in the old exposed aggregate concrete slabs when they are delivered.

The old exposed aggregate concrete slabs can be piled up to form an ivy wall. The ivy is a grateful and fast growing herb that quickly obscures the panels. In particular, "dirty corners " such as compost heaps are easy to hide in this way.