exposed aggregate concrete slabs are cheap in the price

Exposed aggregate concrete slabs are one of the cheapest floor coverings available. The uncomplicated production and the inexpensive components make exposed aggregate concrete so cheap. In addition to the low pure material price, however, the high weight and the associated transport costs are the main price factors.

Pebbles and grit

Most and best-known exposed aggregate concrete slabs are made with round pebbles with a grain size of four to twenty centimeters. The pebbles come from the major rivers in Germany. Classic extraction areas are the Rhine, Weser, Leine and Werra. Many concrete plants are located near the rivers and thus ensure a constant and close supply.

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In addition to the coarse exposed aggregate concrete slabs, there are variants with smaller pebbles and with rubble, the grit. The grit can be sanded or blasted, which increases the price. The price ranges remain far below those of other natural stones and most solid concrete slabs.

Standard sizes and price ranges

The conventional and standardized dosage forms for exposed aggregate concrete slabs as flooring are square and rectangular versions with side dimensions of forty, fifty and sixty centimeters. The thicknesses vary between three and six centimeters, which leads to an individual weight of up to fifty kilograms. The smallest square exposed aggregate concrete slabs with sides of forty and a thickness of three centimeters weigh around 15 kilograms.

The prices are advertised both in square meters and in pieces. Washed concrete slabs with coarse grades of pebbles cost between ten and twenty euros per square meter. Special assortments in special colors or color mixtures cost from 15 euros per square meter. Smaller grades of pebbles, for example two to eight millimeters, cost around twenty euros per square meter.

Fine grit, second hand market and transport

The most expensive exposed aggregate concrete slabs are made with sanded fine grit and can cost up to thirty euros per square meter. Their surface is so densely covered with the grit that a natural stone look is created. The chippings consist of two to 32 millimeters large rubble, in most cases basalt. There are also versions with red chippings of volcanic origin or other natural stones. Since grit is a kind of "waste product" from quarries, the prices for exposed aggregate concrete slabs remain under thirty euros even with these variants.

The extraordinarily widespread use in the 1960s and 1970s and the enormous durability of exposed aggregate concrete slabs resulted in a very large second-hand market. Used exposed aggregate concrete slabs are available everywhere in Germany for a few euros per square meter, often free of charge if you collect them yourself.

The cost of transportation is made up of several factors. In addition to a flat-rate basic price or a basic fee, load kilometers and any charging times that may arise are calculated. The transport costs for exposed aggregate concrete slabs are around twenty euros per ton.

Tips & Tricks If you have flexibility in terms of time when ordering or purchasing exposed aggregate concrete slabs, you can save money. The transport costs are significantly lower if the supplier can combine several deliveries and thus distribute the kilometer price among several buyers.