Changing the washing machine hose - help and tricks

Washing machines last forever, but the hoses don't necessarily. Sometimes they become porous or they kink and crack. Then they have to be replaced. It's not particularly difficult if you know how to do it.

Change washing machine hose

A washing machine has two hoses: an inlet hose and a drain hose. They can be removed and reattached in different ways.

Replace the inlet hose

The inlet hose has a union nut at each end. One end is screwed to a corresponding socket on the washing machine, the other end to the inlet tap in the wall. To remove the hose, all you have to do is unscrew the nuts. If the hose does not come off, try water pump pliers or some WD-40 spray.

Warning: when you remove the hose, water will leak out. Prepare a bucket to catch the water.

Then screw the new hose tight in the same way - on the connection and on the machine. Be careful when doing this so that the connection is really tight and does not drip.

Replace the drain hose

Replacing the drain hose is a little more complicated because one end is behind the rear wall of the washing machine and is connected to the drain pump. So you can't just unscrew it, you have to open the washing machine. To do this, remove the rear panel, possibly. also the lid, it differs from device to device. Then use a pair of pliers to squeeze the metal clip on the nozzle and pull the hose off the pump.

Proceed in the same way to assemble the new hose: you put the hose on the pump, then press the ends of the clamps together and slide them over the nozzle. Now the hose holds. Then close the lid and connect the drain hose to the drain [/ linkl].