Water is dripping from the dishwasher

If water drips from the edges of the lid of a dishwasher, there are several possible causes. The door or flap seals can be damaged or dirty. Another common reason is a damaged spray arm.

Focus on seals

A dishwasher can leak after long periods of use. The sealing profiles in the door or flap frame can be dirty, which often happens due to fat deposits. They must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt residues and should be checked for elasticity. Porous or permanently deformed seals must be replaced.

If the drip develops into a leak in the dishwasher, a general cleaning must be carried out. If the water outlet does not stop, a professional technical examination is required.

An often overlooked possible cause of the dishwasher leaking is damage to the spray arms. The plastic components were pressed during production and could tear open on the front sides. The increased water leakage during operation of the dishwasher overwhelms the door seals.