Open the water connection - in which direction?

Whether it is water damage or a renovation, sometimes you have to turn the water supply on your toilet, sink or other parts of the house on or off. However, many people are not sure which direction to turn. This article will help you.

Turn on the water connection

After repairing the tap or connecting a new toilet, it is not uncommon for the specialist to forget to turn the water supply in the room back on. You don't have to worry though, as it is really easy to turn the connection back on. To do this, you first have to locate the connection, better known as the angle valve.

Angle valves are attached so that they are not far away from consumers such as your toilet or kitchen sink. So keep an eye out for a small faucet that is located on the side or under the water tap. This faucet is the angle valve. It only has one handle.

The connection is opened counter-clockwise. Bottles are usually opened in the same direction. Sometimes the connection can only be tightened with a pipe wrench. The angle valve is always turned clockwise. As you can see, it is not difficult to turn the connection on. Just be careful when using the pipe wrench for the valve.

Note the main tap

Sometimes the main tap may need to be turned on again. If, for example, it was only turned off due to major water damage, but no longer opened, you have to turn it up again yourself. This condition can be recognized by the fact that sanitary facilities such as your toilet, sink and even the garden tap do not have any water. If only one room or, for example, your sink does not work, it is not the main tap.

The main tap, which you only have access to as a homeowner, is in most cases in the basement. If you do not have a basement, which is the case in some modern houses, for example, you will find the main shut-off valve in special rooms that also function as a boiler room. The tap is turned on in the same way as the angle valves indoors. Just make sure that you don't turn them up too little so that there is enough pressure on the lines.